In MUNDDA we are convinced that is the surprise, the detail, the singular, ... what is special about a moment, what makes the difference between one day from another, which makes a person unique or attractive a small business . We love the raw materials that still feel the sap, your heartbeat ... wood, iron, clay, ... And we wondered, Nature knows how to do it in its domain but, what about us?, can we help to make more beautiful and pleasant the environments in which we live?

Paris ... what would be without its cafes, terraces without Marais, Milan Brera without streets and charming shops, without the taste of Barcelona restaurants El Born and environments trend, always surprising boutiques ... and barecillos of Chueca in Madrid or Triball, East Village in NYC or Neal's Yard in London ... In MUNDDA we want to make cities more enjoyable through their businesses.

Therefore, we strive to make and find worldwide unique furniture for hotels, small boutique shops, cottages or hotels with soul, and pieces with personality to inspire contract projects and interior design. Our products mostly are made by hand, in their imperfection is its charm, in their difference is their personality.

We sell to professionals who wish to start their business and those who help assemble and shape an idea, our interior designers friends, architects, designers. And if you want ... you can also take home our furniture ...

Our style is the beautiful, the special ... we like the vintage, industrial, Nordic style, rustic, ... but those are just ways to get to the singular, authentic. Do you accompany us in our project? Do we try to reinvent the small corners of this world? 

muebles vintage, estilo industrial y nórdico

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